To engage the eye and the mind, Pirramimma features several inspiring sculptures by world-renowned artists.

It has always been my vision to use Pirramimma as both an inspiration and setting for artistic creativity.” – Matt Dillon

Red I-Beam Knot

James Angus, b.1970, Perth, Australia

Red I-Beam Knot
Steel and red enamel paint
340 x 280 x 330 cm (550 kgs)
Commissioned 2012

Angus’s works feature in public collections including the National Gallery of Australia, the Museum of Old and New Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. His many public commissions include Public Art Fund New York and Lycee Ferdinand Buisson, Voiron, France. The steel I-beam tied into a knot suggests the improbable made possible.

Kung Fu – Kick

Xie Yuanqing , b. 1975, Guangzhou, China

Kung Fu – Kick
206 x 206 x 178cm (500 kgs)
Commissioned 2015

Xie, a graduate of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, believes sculptures externalise the thoughts, feelings and spirits of their creators. He exhibits throughout eastern Asia.


Marta Moreu, b. 1961, Barcelona, Spain

Bocobajo (Large Upside-Down Man)
230 cm high
Commissioned 2013

Moreu’s work often captures the transience of human passage and features humans on the edge of equilibrium. Her work is represented in Europe and the USA.

Diosa del Mare

Marta Moreu, b. 1961, Barcelona, Spain

Diosa del Mare (Goddess of the Sea)
196 cm high
Commissioned 2013


Lisa Cahill, b. 1974, Geelong, Australia

Chiaroscuro (Light and Shade)
Cast crystal and brass
230 x 60 x 5 cm
Commissioned 2014

Cahill’s glass sculptures and installations are inspired by both the natural world and the transitory nature of the urban experience.  Her work can be found in public collections in Australia, the USA, Denmark and the recently opened Sir John Monash Centre, Australian National Memorial at Villers-Bretonneux, France.

Note, Cahill’s cast glass window installation Chiaroscuro survived the fire but suffered damage. The new custodian could leave as is or work with Cahill to restore or replace. This artwork – now ‘fired twice’ – stands testament to the power of nature.